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Simulating Shassie

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Simulating Shassie Empty Simulating Shassie

Post  Aura Hummingbird Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:03 am

Yeah, my writing muse is waaaay down right now. It happens, but I'll bounce back eventually. ANYHOW! Being bored one day I loaded up my Sims 3, and since we all love Shassie I decided to make a Shassie in Sims. Here are some screen caps from my game! Shown via family slide show post vacation lol.

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-24
Lassie: Read any good books lately? =D (( Shawn: ....ermeeeaaahhhh....negative.))

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-16
((Shawn: This is where the baby makin happens!)) Lassie: ....We can't have babies.

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-17
((Shawn: *giggles*)) Lassie: **is unaware his photo is being taken.**

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-31
((Shawn: I'm giving Lassie a dance lesson!)) Lassie: Oh for the love of....Spencer what part of PRIVATE collection did you not understand?!

Simulating Shassie Screenshot
Lassie: That's a picture of Shawn....why yes he is playing with our daughter's toy. Daughter was napping by the way...he just felt like playing with her stuff.

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-5
((Shawn: There's Lassie putting the toy away, such a neat freak.)) Lassie: Maybe I wouldn't be such a neat freak if you didn't leave everything everywhere!

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-6
((Shawn: mmm yeah, walk away Lassie, nice and sloow...)) Lassie: Oh for fu - ......sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you Spencer.

Simulating Shassie Screenshot-4
Lassie: Oh. That's why. <3 (( Shawn: I love you too Lassie....Hey does it ever bother you that our adoptive daughter is black?)) Lassie: HA! Not even a little, but if people start asking we'll just tell 'em she's Guster's. ((Shawn: Gus is going to love that, I don't think the day care will think its funny, but Gus is totally down.)) Gus: Down for what?

Aura Hummingbird
Aura Hummingbird

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Simulating Shassie Empty Re: Simulating Shassie

Post  Antivertigo Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:53 am

Lol. The whole thing, just . . . lol. The second to last one especially. XD

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Simulating Shassie Empty Re: Simulating Shassie

Post  allikitty699 Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:09 pm

So. Much. Yes.

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Simulating Shassie Empty Re: Simulating Shassie

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